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Welcome to Tahmoor Public School's website. It is such a privilege to be a part of a school that is so filled with hope for the future. We are a school committed to maximising student outcomes.
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Teacher and Class

School Vacation - June 2015.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our whole school community a safe happy holiday. Thank you for your outstanding support of the many school initiatives that have occurred at Tahmoor Public School during Term 2. I can... Read more

Rugby Girls with Mr Jacobs

Rugby League success at Tahmoor

The sport of Rugby League is being nurtured and developed at Tahmoor Public School. We have participated in several competitions and see this sport as being a prominent part of our overall Sport and Fitness program. I have... Read more

Preschool students engaged in the Tahmoor Public School Science Experience

Science @ Tahmoor Public School

This year Tahmoor Public School implemented the National Science Curriculum whereby students from K-6 are engaged in hands-on scientific inquiry on a weekly basis. The science program is lead by mentor Dr Marc Noakes. Dr Noakes... Read more